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Candidate Engagement

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Sending messages with SeekOut

  1. How to connect your email account to SeekOut

    SeekOut helps you engage with multiple prospects at once with messaging campaigns. To enable messaging campaigns, you must connect your email account to SeekOut.

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  2. Use different email addresses in your messaging campaigns

    All SeekOut accounts include the ability for to send automated, multi-step email campaigns.

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  3. What happens if a message bounces?

    If an email sent from your messaging campaign bounces, SeekOut will automatically send your email to the candidate's next available email address and continue the campaign with that email.

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  4. Messaging Campaigns: Tracking Candidate Response

    SeekOut tracks candidate engagement for each messaging campaign. To see the status for each candidate, select a campaign from the Messaging page and click on the Candidates tab.

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  5. Messaging: Global Campaign Settings

    On the Messaging page, without selecting a campaign, click Settings to go to the Settings tab. On this page, you can manage your linked email addresses and other settings that apply to all of your messaging campaigns.

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  6. How can I contact a candidate that I find with SeekOut?

    There are two ways to reach out to candidates you find on SeekOut: Messaging Campaigns, and ad-hoc emails.

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  7. How do I send a single email to a candidate?

    SeekOut helps you identify candidates, find their contact information, and engage with multiple prospects at once with messaging campaigns. You can also send ad-hoc messages to individuals based on a messaging template you create.

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  8. Which candidate email does SeekOut use for messaging?

    Email addresses are listed in order of relevancy. When a candidate with multiple email addresses is added to a messaging campaign, SeekOut will send emails to the first address listed on their profile.

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  9. Adding Candidates to Messaging Campaigns

    Candidates you find in SeekOut must be added to a project before you can add them to a message campaign.

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  10. Messaging Campaigns: What are manual steps?

    When you add a step to a Messaging Campaign, you can select from two types of steps: Automated and Manual.

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  11. Messaging Settings: When To Send Preference

    The "When To Send Preference" can be found in the Messaging section by selecting a campaign and clicking the Settings tab. Changing your preference will only affect the campaign you've selected.

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  12. SeekOut Messaging Campaigns

    Messaging Campaigns are used to reach out to the candidates you find on SeekOut. Candidates can be added to a campaign from an existing Project, or by uploading a list of candidates in a CSV file.

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Contact information and credits

  1. What do the letters next to email addresses and phone numbers mean?

    Next to a candidate's email address or phone number there are letters that depict what kind of contact info we found. 

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  2. Credit Pooling: Share credits for contacts, exports, and more across your team

    Credit Pooling allows users in your organization to share contact and export credits. This is useful when team members in your org have varying workloads throughout the year.

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  3. How contact info credits are counted

    Contact information is broken into two categories: Email addresses and phone numbers. Each email contact info credit retrieves email addresses for one candidate. Each phone number contact info credit retrieves phone number information for one candidates.

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  4. How and when to request contact information

    Once you've identified good candidates and added them to a project, you might be wondering what's next. Your SeekOut plan includes credits for finding email addresses and phone numbers so you can connect with your candidates.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers we've heard a few times, and might be able to quickly help.

No worries! You can reset your password by clicking Forgot your password? at the bottom of the Sign In page. We have a full article for more questions, here.

Each SeekOut plan includes credits for finding candidate contact info and credits for exporting candidate information. To learn more about contact info credits, we have a full article here; and to learn more about exporting candidate information, we have another article here.

A SeekOut administrator can save any public profile search can as a power filter. You can learn how to create and access those filters here.

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