Candidate Outreach - Settings

The Candidate Outreach feature offers a settings menu where you can connect your email address to SeekOut and adjust various settings for your campaigns.

This feature is available for users with Essential, Professional, or Enterprise licenses.

The Candidate Outreach feature offers a settings menu where you can connect your email address to SeekOut and adjust various settings for your campaigns.

Click the gear icon at the top right of your Outreach tab to change your Outreach settings.

Outreach Settings

Connected email accounts

All of your linked email addresses are listed here.

Email options

Click the three-dot context menu button to the right of an address to see options for the email.

  • Create an email signature

    • Create an email signature that will be added to the bottom of all emails sent using SeekOut from this address.

  • Set as Default

    • Set the email as your default for contacting candidates via SeekOut. You will still have the option of choosing which email to use before you start a new campaign.

  • Remove Account

    • Remove the email from your SeekOut account. You will have to reconnect the email to SeekOut in order to use it again.

Connect Account button

Link your email with SeekOut to enable Candidate Outreach. For instructions on how to connect your email, see the article How to connect your email account to SeekOut.

Global Settings

Don't change these settings unless required by your mail server or SeekOut support.

  • Delay between messages- The amount of time, in seconds, between sending each email in a messaging campaign. The default is 60

  • Send limit per day- The maximum number of emails that will be sent per day in a campaign. The default is 1000.

Campaign-specific Settings

  • Recipient email preference

    • Select Personal Address or Work Address from the dropdown menu. SeekOut will send campaign messages to the type of candidate emails that you have selected.

    • The default selection is Personal.

    • Check the option If preferred email address type isn't available, don't send to other address types to force SeekOut to only send campaign messages to either personal or work email addresses.

  • What days do you want your campaign messages sent?

    • You can choose which days of the week your campaign messages will be sent. Check the box next to a day to add it to the list. Uncheck a box to ensure your campaign messages won't be sent on that day of the week.

    • By default, boxes Monday - Friday are checked. Campaign messages will be sent on any applicable day of the week, but not on weekends.

    • If you have a campaign step that is scheduled to fall on an unselected day, the step will pause and will not take place until the next selected day.

  • Choose when to start the first message of your campaign

    • Select When the campaign is started or Specific Time from the dropdown menu.

    • The default is When the campaign is started. Campaigns will begin within 20 minutes of clicking Start Campaign.

    • When you select Specific Time, a new dropdown menu appears where you can choose a time. Your campaign messages will start to send within 20 minutes of your selected time after you click Start Campaign.

    • When using the Specific Time option, times shown will be in your time zone.