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Organize and export candidates

Learn how to organize and export candidates from SeekOut.

SeekOut Projects

  1. How to use Projects

    A Project is a workspace within SeekOut where you can save candidates for a specific job, collaborate with your team, or share candidates with your hiring manager.

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  2. Import Profiles from LinkedIn Recruiter

    If you have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, you can export profiles from your project pipelines and into SeekOut. SeekOut will automatically enrich the data with their full background, education, profile photos, and contact information.

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  3. Candidate profile uploads and data enrichment

    Many recruiters and salespeople have lists of candidates with their names, company, title, and/or location. These could be from previous sourcing tasks or conferences.

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  4. Sharing Projects with Teammates and Hiring Managers

    Learn how to share projects with teammates and hiring managers across your organization, including information around bias reducer.

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  5. How do I view a project that is shared with me?

    Viewing a project that has been shared with you requires a free SeekOut account. A coworker with a SeekOut license can share a link to a project with you. Click on the link, enter your name and email address, then create a password.

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Exporting Candidates

  1. Export a Candidate Profile to PDF

    You can export a SeekOut candidate profile to a PDF document, giving you another way to present candidates to your hiring manager. The data you export depends on your plan level.

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  2. Exporting SeekOut Data to an Excel File

    You can export candidate information from SeekOut to an Excel file. Excel files exported from SeekOut are comma-separated value spreadsheets that can contain candidate information, illustrative graphs, and other insights. The contents of an Excel file depend on where the export is performed.

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Team Referrals

    Frequently asked questions

    Questions and answers we've heard a few times, and might be able to quickly help.

    No worries! You can reset your password by clicking Forgot your password? at the bottom of the Sign In page. We have a full article for more questions, here.

    Each SeekOut plan includes credits for finding candidate contact info and credits for exporting candidate information. To learn more about contact info credits, we have a full article here; and to learn more about exporting candidate information, we have another article here.

    A SeekOut administrator can save any public profile search can as a power filter. You can learn how to create and access those filters here.

    Upcoming trainings

    SeekOut 101: Smart Match & Fundamentals (Live)

    Monday, March 4, 2024 at 8:00 PM UTC

    SeekOut 101 offers users an opportunity to understand the basics of SeekOut- how to efficiently find unique talent. Sign up for a 101 session to learn the fundamentals to begin your journey with SeekOut.

    SeekOut 201: People Insights & Introduction to Boolean (Live)

    Friday, March 8, 2024 at 5:00 PM UTC

    The 201 training picks up right where we left off in our 101 training with an introduction to Boolean Search, SeekOut’s proprietary Field Search operators, People Insights, and Cloning profiles.

    SeekOut 301: Advanced Boolean & Filtering Tips (Live)

    Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 6:00 PM UTC

    301 is the icing on the cake- focusing on Advanced Boolean Search techniques and refining a talent pool with SeekOut’s proprietary filters.