Sharing Projects with Teammates and Hiring Managers

Learn how to share projects with teammates and hiring managers across your organization, including information around bias reducer.

This feature is available for users with Essential, Professional, or Enterprise licenses.


Project Sharing with individuals is available to Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise SeekOut plans.

Organization-wide Project Sharing is available to Professional and Enterprise SeekOut plans.

To share a project, click Share at the top of the project page. The Share Settings pop-up window will open.

Screenshot of share settings with bias reduction enabled

Share with your organization

To share your project with all licensed SeekOut users at your organization, select Share with all SeekOut Users in Organization. This will automatically add to all of your licensed SeekOut user colleagues' projects in their Organization tab.

You are in control of your project, so you can give your team three levels of access:

  • Can View: Your team can only view the candidates in your Project. They cannot write shared comments or add or remove candidates.

  • Can Comment: Your team can write annotations on your candidates through Shared Comments.

  • Can Edit: Your team can add or remove candidates from your project.

If you would like to correct for any internal bias among your team, you can also enable Share with Bias Reducer in tandem with any of the above options.

Projects that have been shared within your organization can be found on the Projects page under the Organization tab. Notice how the owner of the project is visible from the list of projects.

Screenshot of projects shared across organization

Share with individuals

To share your project only with specific people, or share your project with someone who does not have a SeekOut license, select Share with anyone with link. SeekOut will generate a link to your project that you can share with others. Click Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard, and use the dropdown menu to choose if you want others to be able to View, Comment on, or Edit the project.

If you are sharing your project with a person who does not have a SeekOut license, they will be asked to create a free account. See the article How do I view a project that is shared with me? for steps on creating a free account and viewing a shared project.