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Learn how to manage your account and get the most out of SeekOut
  1. Types of User Accounts in SeekOut

    There are several types of user accounts in SeekOut. Some accounts have access to features that other accounts do not have.

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  2. Login Help (I forgot my password)

    You can reset your password by clicking Forgot your password? at the bottom of the Sign In page.

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  3. Why does SeekOut need my mobile phone number?

    We require a unique cell number for any customer who signs up for an account and isn't associated with a large company account.

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  4. How can I change the email address I use to sign into SeekOut?

    Tips and tricks of how to change the email address you use to sign in.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers we've heard a few times, and might be able to quickly help.

No worries! You can reset your password by clicking Forgot your password? at the bottom of the Sign In page. We have a full article for more questions, here.

Each SeekOut plan includes credits for finding candidate contact info and credits for exporting candidate information. To learn more about contact info credits, we have a full article here; and to learn more about exporting candidate information, we have another article here.

A SeekOut administrator can save any public profile search can as a power filter. You can learn how to create and access those filters here.

Upcoming trainings

Github Training

Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 4:30 PM UTC

Are you recruiting software engineers or developers? Come learn how you can leverage SeekOut's GitHub database and unique filtering options to make technical hiring a breeze!

SeekOut 301: Advanced Boolean & Filtering Tips

Multiple Dates

301 is the icing on the cake- focusing on advanced search techniques, organizing data, and refining a talent pool with SeekOut’s proprietary filters.

Open Sourcing Session

Multiple Dates

Have a tricky job requisition?  Join this session to work with a SeekOut expert on identifying talent for that requisition!