Public Profiles

SeekOut's Public profiles cover all roles including professional experience, education, skills, interests, and much more.

Public profiles cover all roles including professional experience, education, skills, interests, and much more. SeekOut combines the most relevant data from dozens of sources, and allows you to easily search across more than 100 fields that include skills, background, experience, education, diversity, and more.

Access the Public Profile Talent Pool

Go to Search from the left navigation pane, and select Public Profiles from the tabs at the top.

Click Public Profiles on the Search page to access the Public Profile talent pool.

People Insights

Access insights for your search at any time by selecting People Insights at the top of the search page.

The insights feature gives you a birds-eye view of your candidate pool with illustrative and interactive graphs. These graphs update in real-time as you select more filters and enter more keywords & Boolean terms.

Candidate Profiles

Candidate profiles show the prospect's name, current title, current company, location, as well as a brief synopsis of their experience and education.

  • View Profile - view the full candidate profile on a new page.

  • Add to Project - add the candidate to a project. See the article How to Use Projects for more information.

  • Get Email - look up the candidate's available email contact information. Uses one contact credit. See the article How Contact Info Credits are Counted for more information.

  • Get Phone - look up the candidate's available phone numbers. Uses one contact credit.

  • More

    • Message - Create a Quick Message to send to the candidate. See the article How do I send a Single Email to a Candidate? for more information.

    • Add Tag - Add a tag to the candidate profile. See the article Tags and Statuses for more information.

    • Add Private Notes - add private notes to the candidate profile. Private notes are only visible to you.

    • Add Email - add an email address to the candidate profile.

    • Add Phone - add a phone number to the candidate profile.

    • Export - Export the candidate profile to a PDF.

Public Profile Filters

SeekOut's filters allow you to search for complex candidate attributes with a few simple clicks. The Filters panel is located on the Search page, to the left of candidate profiles.

Check the box next to a filter to apply it to your search. Candidate profiles to the right will be updated to reflect the new filter.

1. Manage Filters

Click Manage Filters at the top of the Filters panel to open the Filter Customization pop-up. Check the box next to a filter to have it appear on the Filters panel while searching. Click and drag the filters under My Filters to rearrange their order. Click Save to save your changes.

2. More Power Filters

Click More Power Filters to open the Power Filters pop-up.

Power Filters look for candidates with special skills or experience. Scroll through the list of filters or type a keyword in the Search Power Filters field to find the filter you're looking for. Check the box next to a power filter to apply it to your search. Click the Star next to a filter to add it to your Favorites list. Click Done to close the Power Filters pop-up. Up to five Power Filters can be combined at once in a single search.

Filters can be combined with keywords and Boolean to create targeted search queries. See the article Boolean & Field-Based Search for more information about using Boolean in SeekOut's keywords field.