Sourcing GitHub candidates with SeekOut

SeekOut's GitHub search lets you find software developer candidates in a completely new way.

SeekOut's GitHub search lets you find software developer candidates in a completely new way.

We analyze the code contributions for every GitHub user to determine their subject matter expertise and proficiency with different programming languages. We also compute their Coder Score, a measure of technical ability based on their actual GitHub contributions.

Next, we merge their GitHub profile with public profile data so you can search using fields that aren't typically found on a GitHub profile -- title, location, education, and more.

An effective way to source GitHub candidates with SeekOut is to follow these three steps:

Step 1: Choose a Power Filter

SeekOut's Power Filters let you focus your search on particular software experience categories. 

Screenshot of Power Filter options for software development experience

You'll find power filters for mobile development, full-stack engineers, UX design, machine learning, and over 50 more in-demand areas. Just click the +More link if you don't see the one you want. Each of these filters is powered by very complex underlying query that brings back candidates with proven expertise.

Step 2: Enter Keywords

Once you've chosen your Power Filter, enter any keywords required for the role.

Screenshot of keyword options in GitHub search

Are you looking for a particular job title or subject matter expertise? Enter it here.

Step 3: Set Your Required Location

Filter the list of results by location, if required.

Screenshot of required location filter options

Those three steps should get you a good starting set of candidates... but we know you're an over-achiever, so if you want to keep refining, click this button.

Coder Score

By changing the range of Coder Scores returned by the search you can target only the most elite candidates (5 stars), very strong candidates who might be easier to hire (3-4 stars), or good-but-not-amazing candidates (2 stars).

Screenshot of coder score selector

Language Expertise

If the role requires specific language expertise or exposure, filter by that language with the appropriate star rating

Screenshot of language expertise selector