Team Administration: Accounts & Usage Reports

Administrators can manage accounts for your organization, assign licenses, and create usage reports.

Administrators can manage accounts for your organization, assign licenses, and create usage reports.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or if you would like to be set up as an Administrator.

Team Administration

Click your name in the bottom left corner and select Team Administration.

There are two tabs on the Team Administration page: Accounts and Org Settings. Read about Org Settings in the article Tags and Statuses.


SeekOut Licenses

The SeekOut Licenses section displays the types of licenses your organization has, when they expire, and how many are available for you to assign.

Screenshot of Team Administration landing page in application

SeekOut Accounts

Your organization's SeekOut accounts are listed. You can arrange your org's accounts into teams, as well as create new users and assign licenses.

Screenshot of SeekOut Accounts administration options to create accounts and new teams

Each row represents a user account. Click the three-dot context menu button on the right side of a row to make changes to that user.

Screenshot of editing user with options to change license, add to a team, delete account, or remove license
  • Change License¬†to change which license is assigned to the user, and to change the user's account type (Standard User or Admin).

  • Add to a team opens a pop-up window where you can select which team the user belongs to.

  • Delete Account permanently deletes the user from your organization, along with their search histories and projects.

  • Remove License allows you to remove the license from the user.

When changing a license from one user to another, remove the license from the user who no longer needs it first, then add the license to the new user.

Create New Users

Click Create Account and enter your new user's information in the pop-up.

Screenshot of creating a new SeekOut account from the administration portal

Select a license in the License dropdown to assign it to the new user. In the Account Type dropdown, select Admin to make the new account an administrator, or select Standard User to prevent the new account from accessing the Team Administrator page. Choose the team for your new account, or if you don't use teams, select Not on a team.

Click Create to create the new account. An email with an activation link will be automatically sent to the user's email address and a confirmation pop-up will appear. You have the option of copying the activation link by clicking Copy Link, or click OK to close the pop-up.

To resend the user's activation link via email, click the three-dot context menu button on the user's row and select Resend Invitation.

The new user will click the activation link and follow the instructions there to create a password for their SeekOut account.


You can assign users in your organization to teams. Use teams to organize how users appear on the Team Administration page and in your SeekOut usage reports.

Click Create New Team to add a team to your organization.

Enter a name for the team and click Save.

To add a user to a team, click the three-dot context menu button on the right side of their row and select Add to a team. Choose the team from the dropdown menu that appears, then click Confirm. If a user is already on a team, click the three-dot context menu button and select Change team to choose a different team, or Remove from team to remove the user from a team.

Use the Team dropdown menu under SeekOut Accounts to choose which users you want to display.

Usage Reports

As an administrator, you can view and download your team's usage reports. Select your start and end dates and choose which team you want to display. Click View to generate a report in your browser, or Download to download your usage report as a CSV or XLSX file.

Screenshot of usage reports for users within the admin portal