Messaging Campaigns: What are manual steps?

When you add a step to a Messaging Campaign, you can select from two types of steps: Automated and Manual.

When you add a step to a Messaging Campaign, you can select from two types of steps: Automated and Manual.

Screenshot of adding step to messaging campagign

While automated steps (like email messaging) are performed automatically by SeekOut, manual steps (like calling and texting) are added to your To-Do list. Manually complete the step, and then check it off your list under the To-Do tab.

Types of Manual Steps

  • Call- Create a reminder to call the candidate's phone number.

  • Text- Create a reminder to send the candidate a text message.

  • LinkedIn Mail- Create a reminder to send a LinkedIn InMail.

  • LinkedIn Request- Create a reminder to connect with the candidate on LinkedIn.

The To-Do Tab

Manual tasks appear on a list under your To-Do tab. There are two types of To-Do lists: Global lists and Campaign lists.

Global List

Access the Global To-Do list on the Messaging page. Without selecting a campaign, click on the To-Do tab.

The Global To-Do tab lists all active manual tasks from all of your campaigns.

  • Task- The manual task that is scheduled to be completed.

  • Campaign- The name of the campaign this candidate is a part of.

  • Due Date- The date that the task was scheduled to occur.

  • Contact- The candidate's contact information related to the task. A Call or a Text task will display the candidate's phone number, for example.

  • Copy to Clipboard- Copy the message you created for the step to your clipboard.

  • Connect- Opens a new tab to send an InMail or connect with the candidate on LinkedIn.

Campaign List

To see a To-Do list for a single campaign, go to the Messaging page and select the campaign, then click the To-Do tab.

The campaign To-Do tab lists the active manual tasks that you need to perform in this campaign.

Performing Manual Steps

A multi-step messaging campaign will not progress past a manual task until you have checked it off the list on your To-Do tab.

Checking Off Manual Steps

While on the To-Do tab, select the circle next to a task to check it off your list. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to continue the campaign with the candidate. If you've made contact with the candidate, click Pause Campaign, and the campaign will stop for the candidate. To have the campaign move on to the next step, click Yes.

When the pop-up closes, the task is checked off your To-Do list.