Create your own Power Filters

Power Filters give you access to complex searches with only a few clicks. SeekOut provides a number of power filters by default, and admins can save any public profile search as a custom power filter for their organization.

Screenshot of dialogue to create new Power Filter

How to create a Power Filter

A SeekOut administrator can save any public profile search as a power filter. Build your search using any combination of keywords, Boolean, and filters.

Note: existing Power Filters can't be used to build a custom power filter. Use other filter categories like Location, Diversity, Current Title, etc.

When you've finished building your search, click the Save Search icon at the top of your filters.

Click the Save Search icon to save your current filters/keywords as a search or as a power filter.

Enter a name, description, and category for your power filter. Toggle "Share with everyone in my organization" on to make your power filter available to other users in your organization. Click Save to save your custom power filter.

How to access your saved custom Power Filters

From the Search page, scroll down to the Power Filters section and click More Power Filters. Click the Custom category to display your saved Power Filters. 

Click More Power Filters to access a full list of available power filters.

Check the box next to a filter to add it to your search. Multiple filters can be enabled at one time. Click Done to run the search with your selected filters.