I clicked to view a candidate's LinkedIn profile and the profile did not appear. What happened?

Candidate profile on LinkedIn did not appear? Learn how to troubleshoot that in the article.

Occasionally, when you click on View Profile, you may see one of the following messages:

  • "This profile is not available."

  • "Profile Not Found"

  • "An exact match could not be found"

Or, you might click to view a LinkedIn profile from SeekOut and you're taken to a LinkedIn search instead of a profile page. What's happening?

This may happen when the person has recently changed, privatized, or deleted their public profile information.

Or, if we are unable to confidently match a candidate's SeekOut info with their LinkedIn profile, clicking to view the candidate's profile will take you to a LinkedIn search using the candidate's name and current company.

Visibility settings on other platforms

Platforms like LinkedIn have visibility and privacy settings that can be controlled by the individual user. A prospect can choose to hide their current job from their public profile, or hide their profile from public view entirely.

If a prospect has elected to hide their profile visibility from public sources, then that profile info will not be available or updated in the SeekOut database.

See LinkedIn's help article LinkedIn Public Profile Visibility for more information.

SeekOut Chrome Extension

To ensure you're looking at the most recent information available, install the free SeekOut Chrome extension. When the SeekOut Chrome extension is installed, you will automatically be redirected to the correct profile.

See the article Getting started with the SeekOut Sourcing Assistant to learn how to download the extension.