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SeekOut integrates with Workday, allowing you to export candidate data from SeekOut and turn it into Workday candidate profiles complete with contact information and work/education history. Candidate data can be sent to Workday as prospects or they can be attached to an existing job.

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SeekOut is a Workday Access Partner!

SeekOut integrates with Workday, allowing you to export candidate data from SeekOut and turn it into Workday candidate profiles complete with contact information and work/education history. Candidate data can be sent to Workday as prospects or they can be attached to an existing job.

This article covers how to set up your integration, as well as how to export candidate data from SeekOut to Workday.

Setting up the Workday Integration

Before You Begin

  • Make sure you have access to the following APIs in Workday:

    • Put_Candidate

    • Get Job Postings

  • Create a new Integration System User in Workday for your integration with access to the above APIs.

  • You will be providing your ISU username, password, service endpoint, and tenant name to SeekOut.

Create a new ISU account in Workday for your SeekOut integration

Login to Workday, search for Create Integration System User, and run the task. Enter a user name and password. Uncheck the box Require New Password at Next Sign In. Ensure that Session Timeout Minutes is set to 0. Click OK to create the new user.

Screenshot of ISU account in Workday for integration

Copy the username and password somewhere safe; you will be entering this into SeekOut later.

Create new Security Group

Search for Create Security Group and run the task. Select Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained) from the Type of Tenanted Security Group dropdown, and name your security group something easy to remember like seekout1way. Click OK to go to the next step.

On the next page, use the search box next to the Integration System Users field to find your username. Make sure your username is added to this box. Click OK.

Give your Security Group an easy to remember name like seekout1way.

Click Done on the next page to finish creating the security group.

Check Reference IDs in Workday

  1. Login to Workday and run the Maintain Reference IDs task

  2. Enter Social Network Type in the Business Object field, ensure None of the above is selected, and click Ok.

  3. On the next page, click Ok to display a list of social network types in Workday.

  4. Ensure that the Reference ID Value field for LinkedIn reads LinkedIn. Click Ok and then Done to save your changes.

Add Permissions to Security Group

There are five permissions you need to add to your security group. You'll need to repeat these steps to add them one at a time.

1. In your Workday account, search for View Security for Securable Item and run the report. A pop up will appear.

Type Put Candidate into the Securable Item field and click OK.

2. Enter Put Candidate in the Securable Item field and click OK. On the search results, click the three-dots next to Put Candidate (Web Service) (Web Service Task), then click Security, then View Security. 

Click the three dots next to Put Candidate (Web Service) (Web Service Task), then click Security, then click View Security.

3. Click the three-dots next to Candidate Data: Job Application, then Domain Security Policy, then click Edit Permissions.

Click the three dots next to Candidate Data: Job Application, then click Domain Security Policy, then click Edit Permissions.

4. Scroll down to the Integration Permissions section and click the Plus + sign next to *Security Groups. Search for the seekout1way group and add it to the field. Click the checkbox under the Put column and then click OK.

Scroll down to Integrations, click the Plus sign next to Security Groups, add your group to the list, and check the box for Put integrations.

5. Click Done to return to the list of policies for Put Candidate. Repeat steps 3 and 4, this time clicking the three-dots next to Prospects.

Repeat steps 2 - 4 with the following:

  • Search for the Get Job Postings securable item

  • Click the three-dots >¬†View > View Security

  • Find the policy Job Postings: External

  • Click the¬†three-dots > Domain Security Policy > Edit Permissions

  • Scroll to Integration Permissions, add the seekout1way security group, check the box under Put, and click OK.

How do I find my service endpoint?

In your Workday account, search for Public Web Services and view the report. Scroll down and click the three dots next to Recruiting: Public, then select Web Service > View WSDL. A new tab will open with an XML file.

Using the Find feature in your browser (press Ctrl + F if you are using Windows, or Cmd + F on a Mac), search for soapbind:address. Part of the URL on this line is your service endpoint.

Search for soapbind:address in this XML file and copy the first part of your service endpoint url, up to the trailing slash in workday.com

Copy the part of the URL starting with https:// up to workday.com/ . Be sure to include the trailing slash /. Save this somewhere safe; you'll be entering it in SeekOut.

How do I find my tenant name?

Your tenant name is part of your url when you're logged into Workday. It's the text between the two forward slashes after workday.com.

Screenshot of where to find WorkDay tenant name

Copy your tenant name, be sure not to copy the slashes or any other part of the URL. Save this somewhere safe; you'll be entering it into SeekOut.

Accessing Integrations

Click your name at the bottom left of the SeekOut dashboard, then select Integrations.

Screenshot of integrations dropdown in navigation

Don't see the Integrations option in your menu? Contact your Customer Success Manager or support@seekout.io and ask to enable ATS integrations for your org.

Connecting to Workday

On the Integrations page, click + Add a Connection. Locate Workday from the list of integrations and click the Connect button.

Note: If you have set up an integration previously, click the + next to the list of integrations at the top of the page to open the Add a Connection pop-up.

On the Capabilities tab, check the box next to Export. Check Export only as Prospects if you choose not to export candidates to job pools in your ATS. Check Include Social Networks to export a candidate's social network links to your ATS. Click Confirm Choices to continue to the next step.

Review the requirements on the Permissions tab and click I'm ready.

On the Credentials tab, enter your Workday service endpoint and password. In the UserName field, enter your username, followed by @ and then your Workday tenant name.

Screenshot of Workday credentials

Click Submit to save your credentials. SeekOut will automatically attempt to verify your connection. When successful, Workday will appear at the top of your Integrations page with a green check mark.

Removing the Integration

On the Integrations page, click the arrow next to a connected integration to Edit or Remove the integration from your SeekOut account.

Exporting from SeekOut to Workday

Note Workday requires a candidate have an email address or phone number before you can export them. Ensure that you click Get Email and Get Phone on the candidate profile before exporting. Alternatively check Generate dummy email addresses for candidates from the export pop-up to skip getting their contact info.

In order to prevent duplicate records, SeekOut will skip profiles that have been previously exported to your ATS. A profile that has been exported will contain a confirmation icon and the ATS system name.

To export a previously-exported candidate to your ATS again, check the box next to Include previously exported candidate(s) when exporting.

Recommended: Export from a Project

To export all candidates in a project to Workday, go to your SeekOut project, click the Export icon and choose Export All to Workday.

Alternatively, you can export select candidates from SeekOut by clicking the box next to their profile, clicking Export and then selecting Export X to Workday. With both methods, clicking Export to Workday will cause a pop-up window will appear.

By default, profiles are exported to your ATS as prospects. To export as a candidate, use the dropdown menu to select a job posting from your ATS.

Select Include previously exported candidates if you're exporting the same candidates to your ATS again. Click the Export button to export candidates to Workday. If successful, you will see a confirmation pop-up message that says "Export Complete."

Workday Export Fields

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Skill

  • Social Media

    • Network Name

    • User Name

    • URL

  • Job Applied To

  • Stage

  • Job Requisition

  • Work Experience

    • Company Name

    • Title

    • Description

    • Location

    • Start Month

    • Start Year

    • End Month

    • End Year

    • Currently Works Here

  • Education

    • School Name

    • First Year Attended

    • Last Year Attended

    • Grade Average

  • Skill

    • Name

Note: Prospect and Candidate records for Workday only allow export of 1 contact record for phone and email fields.

Other Information

SeekOut integrates with many other HR systems. If you need help setting up an integration or need assistance troubleshooting, please contact support@seekout.io.