Enhanced Clearance Filters

Finding cleared talent is challenging for many enterprises. Since 2018, SeekOut customers have used our Security Clearance power filter to find candidates who likely have a US government security clearance.

Enhanced Clearance Filters help find cleared candidates with the ability to filter by 12 different clearance, access, and screening levels including Public Trust, Secret, Full Scope Poly, and Yankee White.

How to use Enhanced Clearance Filters

If enabled for your account, these new filters are found in the Security Clearances section of Power Filters.

These filters do not automatically include higher levels of clearance. For instance, if you choose the Secret Clearance, it will only return candidates likely to have that particular clearance. You'll need to also select Top Secret if you want to include those candidates, too.

When you find a candidate in a role that requires a security clearance, you will see this symbol in the Key Matches section. Those four dots mean SeekOut has inferred the clearance level of this candidate.

When you move your mouse over the match, you will see an explanation of why this candidate likely has a security clearance. We use the candidate's roles from the past five years to predict clearance level.

Get access to Enhanced Clearance Filters

To request access to Enhanced Clearance Filters, please speak with your Customer Success Manager or email support@seekout.io.

New to SeekOut? Request a demo and ask for information about Enhanced Clearance Filters.

How do Enhanced Clearance Filters work

Most cleared candidates do not mention their clearance level on their profile, so even the most complicated text search will miss the majority of relevant candidates.

Resourceful recruiters learn the companies who hire cleared candidates, the locations of offices with large numbers of candidates, and the roles those cleared candidates usually take. Armed with this information, a savvy recruiter can target people in specific roles, locations, and companies to find likely cleared candidates.

SeekOut's Enhanced Clearance Filters use a similar approach but at a scale that can only be accomplished with deep analysis and machine learning. SeekOut has analyzed 25 million job postings to determine the combination of position, company, and location which require a security clearance.

This data is used to model the clearance requirements of each role at all companies in any location. For instance, if a candidate works in a role where the job description listed Top Secret with Full Scope Poly as a requirement, we can safely infer the candidate has that level of clearance – even if the candidate's profile does not mention any clearance level.

The Enhanced Clearance Filters in SeekOut give you the tools you need to find and hire cleared candidates to move your mission critical defense, military, and intelligence work forward.