Applicant Review

The Applicant Review feature pulls open jobs and applicants from your ATS, allowing SeekOut to display, filter, enrich, and rank prospects for each job requisition.

The Applicant Review feature pulls open jobs and applicants from your ATS, allowing SeekOut to display, filter, enrich, and rank prospects for each job requisition.

Accessing Applicant Review

When Applicant Review is enabled for your account, you can access it from the tab on the left side of the SeekOut dashboard.

Access Applicant Review from the menu on the left of your dashboard.

This tab lists your job requisitions from your ATS. Use the search field at the top to filter requisitions by job title or ID. Click on a requisition to view its applicants.

Requisitions are shown from all of your recruiters by default. Use the All Recruiters dropdown to filter requisitions by recruiter name. All of the names in this dropdown menu have jobs listed in your ATS.

How to Use Applicant Review

There are two sets of filters you can utilize with Applicant Review. Qualifications filters are to the left, and Applicant & Stage filters are above the list of applicants.

Editing Qualifications

The Qualifications filters are to the left of the applicant list. Click Edit Criteria at any time to narrow down applicants by specific qualifications.

  1. Set your required qualifications.

  2. Set your preferred qualifications.

  3. Click Apply Criteria and review your matches.

Required Qualifications

Required qualifications are skills or attributes that the applicant must have in order to be considered a match. 

If two skills are entered on the same line, they are treated like an OR statement, meaning an applicant can have one skill or the other (see Skill #1 above). If skills are entered on multiple lines, the applicant must have both Skill #1 and Skill #2 to be considered a match.

The Years of Experience slider and Degree fields can also be filled out here. If an applicant doesn't meet these requirements, they will be moved to the Incomplete Match group.

As you add required qualifications, notice how the bar graph to the right representing the talent pool updates in real time.

Preferred Qualifications

Preferred qualifications are used to rank your Matched applicants. Matches who fulfill all of these requirements will be placed at the top of the list, while Matches who don't will be placed lower on the list.

Editing Applicant & Stage Filters

Use keywords or Boolean in the Search Applicants box to search across applicants within your job requisition.

By default, only applicants who match your qualifications are shown. You can select Partial Matches only or All Applicants to choose which applicants are shown in your req.

The Stage filter displays candidates from a specific hiring stage. The hiring stages that you see in this dropdown menu are pulled from your ATS. You can view applicants from more than one hiring stage by checking the box next to each stage in the dropdown menu.

Viewing Applicants

Your list of applicants is updated in real-time as you make adjustments to your filters.

Matched profiles are enriched with information from your ATS, including email, phone number, resume, recruiter, application stage, and more.

Screenshot of viewing applicants in SeekOut

Click Match or Partial Match on the applicant's profile to see how they match up to your required and preferred skills. Use the Move to Stage button to change the applicant's stage. This change will be reflected in your ATS within 15 minutes.